If you are like Jim and I, you might feel as though you are in a time warp. I mean, really?! 2020?! It seems like the 80’s were just 10 years ago and we are just getting into the new millennium, but nope. Here we are – squarely in 2020

As kids, we used to imagine something straight out of the Jetson’s – flying cars, instant dinners that popped out of the wall at the touch of a button, and homes that soared high up in the sky. 

Well one thing that we actually do have from that whole scenario is the capability to chat via video…..

So we missed the mark quite a bit. What about you? What did you envision 2020 to be like in the world? How about in your world? When you look around yourself, at your life, is it what you had hoped it would be? Where did you hit a bullseye, and where did you completely miss the mark? Are you like Jim and I, where you had lots of surprises and unexpected twists and turns along the way? How do you feel that you managed those? What if you could finally make that shift and truly be on the journey to creating what it is that you desire? 

We are so incredibly excited for what we have in store for you – coming very soon! Not only will we share some of our strategies so that you can apply them in your own life, but for a select few of you, we are going to teach you how to use them with your own clients so that you will be known as someone who truly inspires results in others’ lives. We can’t wait! Keep your eyes peeled………Be in touch soon!